Attention Musicians: MidPoint Music Fest Deadline Looms

Apr 7, 2009 at 2:31 pm

If you're a musician interested in performing at this year's MidPoint Music Festival and you haven't submitted your materials for consideration, time is running out. Next Friday, April 17, is the "early deadline" for submissions.—-

If you're feeling lazy, you can submit until May 1, but it'll cost you a little more and, unless you're Metallica, you probably can't afford that. So do it now: Head on over to the MPMF Sonicbids site here to find out how. For updates on the fest, be sure to keep checking

The fest has already received a staggering amount of submissions. If you're all hip and cool and do that social networking thing, be sure to follow MPMF on Twitter and check out the MPMF Facebook page here. And keep an eye out for this weird "MidPoint Monty" cyclops dude who keeps popping up at MidPoint meetings. He's up to something.