Banderas Steps Up for Japanese Relief

Mar 17, 2011 at 9:49 pm

More than a few times I’ve heard news announcers and commentators on TV and radio mention that donations to help victims of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/potential nuclear-meltdown are way down, then add, “Likely because people don’t view Japan as needy as, say, Haiti.” Then … end of story. No explanation as to why we shouldn’t be swayed by the hyper-modern images of a neon-lit downtown Tokyo seen in movies (or perhaps a reminder that New York’s supermetropolis status didn’t halt 9/11 relief donations).

Organizations like the Red Cross have been in overdrive helping the victims, same as in any other country’s time of need. Local Rock band Banderas “gets it” and has announced plans to donate all proceeds from sales of its debut album to disaster relief charities working to help Japan’s victims.—-

As the band begins work on its sophomore album, the members have decided to put its fantastic debut, Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks, to work, donating every cent earned from the sale of the album online to earthquake/tsunami relief. The best bet is to download it from the Banderas Bandcamp site (here). The band receives more money from sales on that site and it also offers higher quality downloads.