Bang Bang Tacos!

Can’t stop thinking about ‘em!

Yesterday, my friend Mikey B. pulled a menu out o’ his wallet that he’d snagged cuz it made him think of me. One o’ the items listed was Bang Bang Tacos!

Those who know me know I’m kinda obsessed with tacos. I don’t know why, I just am. Mostly cuz they are delish … and they like to sit next to margaritas. And the word taco is funny. And it makes me think of vaginas. Another funny word. I’m kinda obsessed with vag, too, you might have noticed. —-

Contrary to popular belief, I really am the kinda girl you can take home to Mom.

When I first started this wayward blog and was trying to figure out what to call it, my friend Yusef suggested I call it: Aileen’s Vagtastic Voyage! AWESOME!






I reference tacos in my voicemail when you call my phone. I’d put my number in here so you could call it, but I’m afraid o’ all the crazytowners out there. Plus, ‘tis prolly on a bathroom wall somewhere anywho. Yeah.

For a good taco call…

Tonight is Baby Alpaca’s first EP release at Grammer’s. I don’t know anything about ‘em ‘cept for anything Chris Kittrell’s involved in has gotz to be ridic! Der. Plus alpacas are cute. They had me at "alpaca." I often have delusional fantasies about having a pet alpaca. I’d feed it tacos. I just requested to be their 13th friend on MySpace. Ha! I’m listening to ‘em right now.

I’m equal parts intrigued and afraid. I hope they are dressed like alpacas. I want to pet them. Afterwards, Gerald’s DJin’ dancey stuff.

Mmmmmmmm …TACOS!


HOLY FUCKING FUCKBALLS! One o’ these songs has dog accompaniment!

Oh god.

Also tonight some moderately deranged people are throwing a dance party at the C&D entitled Mansions & Bitches. I’m just gonna leave it at that. I will be there.

I’m only mentioning underdog events for tonight. I’m specifically leaving everything else off.

Does anyone wanna go to Rio Grande in Newport or Camino Real in Florence with me later?

I NEED tacos!

Sidebar: Operation: GET HOT! is failing miserably. Bombing actually. The alcohol calories alone …. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Seeing swimsuits in stores has been giving my cellulite aneurisms.

I wish one could get insta-svelte via osmosis. I’ve been sleeping on Kate Moss’ face for over a month now, and nothing is happening!

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT Ratatat is at Bogart’s and White Girls are at the G. Slut with The Sundresses and Scotty Lust & The Two Timers. ‘Tis also the Northside Tavern’s seventh anniversary with Lovely Crash, The Guild of Calamitous Intent and DJ K Pool.

K. I’m off to find a taco buddy. And a tapeworm.

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