Basement Dwelling and Surgery Hinder Air Hockey Duo

Feb 27, 2009 at 2:02 pm

The CityBeat-endorsed air hockey duo of Jason Cornell and and Jeff Huisman had to put their dreams on the back burner this week, as real life interfered with their World Championship aspirations. You may recall last week’s “Air Hockey Blog — The Injury,” when Huisman dropped a bombshell, admitting that recent rumors were true regarding his wrist injuries pending surgery. This, just a couple weeks before the biggest professional match of his career, seemed to be a devastating blow to his chances. But the Feb. 26 procedure was successful, according to Huisman, who expects to be ready to compete two weeks from today.—-

Cornell, who really doesn’t have a good excuse for not practicing feels pretty good about his game at this point, spent the week preparing to move out of his West side apartment. Though the soon-to-be-professional athlete says he looks forward to his new three-bedroom house in Colerain, recent reports have revealed that the home is actually occupied by his parents and he has been shunned to the basement like it’s 1998 all over again. When asked how the new living arrangements might affect his self-esteem training, Cornell said, “Hey, it’s a quick shot on 275 over to Buster’s for practice, but if they try to charge me rent I’m fucking out of here.” To further add to his excuses challenges this week, Cornell also had a programming exam Thursday night as he completes his college degree as an air hockey backup plan.

Overall, the duo claims to remain mentally focused despite these recent setbacks. Cornell plans to resume training if he can find someone up for the challenge, and Huisman plans to self medicate in order to get through the next two weeks and be as close to 100 percent as possible for the World Championships.

As the story of these two local athletes continues to evolve leading up to the March 13 event in Las Vegas, CityBeat will continue to follow their story, whether these jackasses actually do something worth noting or continue to hurt themselves and lesson their quality of life.