Becoming Fit

Road to Wellness

Dec 15, 2004 at 2:06 pm

Pam Paulos-Strike has a passion for her work. Certified with the American Council on Exercise and as fitness director for the Court-House Fitness Center in Madeira, she's spent many years involved in the teaching and training aspects of physical health.

When she began teaching aerobics classes in 1978, the craze was at its peak. With her dance background, she was a natural. Eventually, she developed her own program called "The Workout" and had 22 instructors running 125 aerobic classes per week all over the city.

Corporations began putting fitness centers into buildings for the employees, and she would teach them how to use them properly. The aerobics craze transitioned into the health and wellness field, and 10 years ago she began to pare down her busy schedule until she was centered at the CourtHouse, which she now manages and teaches body sculpting classes. She also coaches people in their homes as a personal trainer.

Helping people get started and encouraging them to develop a long-term perspective with their wellness goals is important to Pam, and she loves to see them evolve. She says that working in the small, privately owned CourtHouse is far different than the "meat market" gyms — because of the personal attention you're made to feel comfortable whatever your age or body type and whether you're a fitness junkie or a "couch potato" or anything in between.

She says that as we age we gain long-term health benefits from a regularexercise program: preventing osteoporosis, developing strength and toning musculature and feelings of well-being mentally, physically and emotionally. There's pride knowing that you're strong and that weight isn't the issue. Her body sculpting class of 60- to 75-year-olds are self-sufficient, healthy and happy with a positive outlook; they're a great source of inspiration for the younger groups.

Pam says that as we gain outer strength our inner strength increases and we feel in balance. She sees huge benefits whether she's training young athletes or senior citizens in the increase of self-esteem and wellbeing. To find out about personal fitness sessions or classes, call the CourtHouse at 513-271-3388.

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