Bike City!

May 18, 2009 at 2:09 pm

One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike around the city. Whether it’s for exercise, transportation or recreation, I always feel great getting on the big black bull and flying around the city. I was riding today after work, heading down Spring Grove and was wondering to myself, “When is the city going to repave this street?” —- It's full of potholes and unevenly repaved, but it’s the best place to get a nice flat ride without much traffic. Then I thought to myself, “Ohhhhh, I bet even if they did repave this road they wouldn’t put any bike lanes in, even though it’s totally wide enough.”

I get angry when I realize Cincinnati will probably never accept bikes and install (spray paint) bike lanes down popular streets like Central Parkway. Not only would it make our city more progressive and appealing to the young professional this city so desperately wants, it would also make for a much lovelier ride during rush hours. Most people driving their cars into the city for work from West Chester and Beechmont think bikes should be ridden on the sidewalk. I guess they don’t really understand the word “sidewalk." Even though there are tiny signs perched 40 feet up on telephone polls that say, “Share the Road,” I just don’t think people see them.

My anger aside, it is bike month. If you stop by Park Vine on two wheels you will get 10 percent off your purchase or 20 percent off delicious food. On top of that you will feel extra cool riding a bike around the city.

If you are a newbie to city riding I would suggest starting off on a weekend day during sunlight hours. Sadly, the city is usually pretty dead on the weekend but it certainly makes for a good bike ride. You can ride slow around OTR and check out all the historic buildings. Perhaps stop by Findlay Market, Arnold's or Grammer's for some drinks or a quick snack.

Biking is one of my favorite things in the world. It's so relaxing and freeing from the car life we live here in Cincinnati. I just wish getting around in Cincinnati was more accepted by motorists and the city itself. I’m all about bike awareness and riding to my second job, but sometimes I don’t feel safe. I just don’t trust other drivers in the city (one time I got yelled at by an approaching car for crossing the street at a cross walk). They need to be reminded more that they are not the only people on the road. We need more signs and bike lanes, but unless we have a commercial during American Idol, I'm sure most motorists will just keep yelling at me to "Get on the sidewalk." I love biking and I love Cincinnati, I just wish I could love them together.