Bruce at the Super Bowl

It seems like every sports show I have watched or listened to this week has brought up what I now assume is the biggest question surrounding the Super Bowl. No, not "Arizona has a football team?" or "Why don't players just grab Troy Polamalu's hair to slow him down?" (Is that holding?)

Nope, all of the reports about the big game have included this burning question — what songs will Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band play during the Super Bowl halftime show?—-

So what are your guesses? He gets 12 minutes and I assume the band will do shorter versions of some songs. Leave your guesses below, come back Monday and we'll all have a good laugh about how wrong we were (or how predictable it all was).

I'm going to say: "Born to Run," "Glory Days," "The Rising," "Born in the U.S.A." and maybe something from his new album (because he's getting about $30 million worth of prime network TV ad time and those new CDs ain't gonna sell themselves).

UPDATE (sorta, but not about this): Knowing Bruce to be a socially-responsible guy with a great love of the American labor movement, I was pretty stunned that he gave Wal-Mart the exclusive to sell a "greatest hits" package. I've been waiting for a response from him before I prejudged (maybe all the money would go to charity?) and finally read something that warmed my heart. His response? It was a "mistake."

Read the story in The New York Times this Sunday or check it out online here right now.

Now, Bruce, about giving all the earnings from the sales to a charity …

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