Building an Extraordinary Life

Road to Wellness

Aug 9, 2006 at 2:06 pm

Do you feel like there's just got to be more to life? What do you truly want? A change in career, a more fulfilling relationship, a body that you love, more fun and relaxation in your life?

You might just be able to find your answers with the help of a Life Coach.

Life Coaching isn't therapy, nor is it counseling. It's a collaboration between you and your coach to create a plan for your future and a commitment to actually take those steps you've agreed on. Coaches do not try to change you but ask you sometimes tough questions and help you find your answers.

Tammy Walterman is a Certified Life Coach with the Debbie Ford Institute at John F. Kennedy University in San Diego, practicing in Northern Kentucky. She'll work with you for a 16-week period (all sessions are held by phone once a week for 45-60 minutes), creating a foundation of support that will empower you to clarify your goals and make lasting inner and outer changes in your life.

She says that what makes the relationship unique and profound is the process she uses to help you unlock unseen commitments that have prevented you from having what you wanted in the past. She'll create a safe place for you to access your own inner wisdom that will identify what you truly want out of life. She'll hold you accountable to your word and support you in designing weekly action steps that lead you to success, while she holds you to your highest vision and supports you in fulfilling your heart's desire.

Some comments from Tammy's clients: "I now make better life choices to help me reach my goals. I am truly a much happier and contented person." "The most amazing thing about the life coaching I received from Tammy was how I discovered ... things I never even thought might be blocking me from living my greatest life. ... It was nothing judgmental, nothing harsh."

If you're searching for your passion, find yourself in transition (divorce, job, etc.) or just want to make a change, contact Tammy at 859-441-1250 for a sample 45-minute session. She can also be reached at [email protected].

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