Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you heard about the new security system at City Hall? Does it remind you of visiting hours at the Hamilton County Justice Center? Have they buzzed you in yet? Shouldn't we get similar security

Sep 5, 2002 at 2:06 pm

Have you heard about the new security system at City Hall? Does it remind you of visiting hours at the Hamilton County Justice Center?

Have they buzzed you in yet? Shouldn't we get similar security systems where we work to keep City Council members from crashing our gates? Where's the Vice Mayor been?

Doesn't City Manager Valerie Lemmie have more ideas and balls than Mayor Charlie Luken? Doesn't she deserve that bigger office? Aren't you glad she's finally speaking up?

Why isn't it ever standing-room-only at CopWatch meetings? Are the cops getting kinder and gentler?

Wouldn't it be easier to be a cop if not for the U.S. Constitution? Are you free to go?

Have you made a special trip downtown on a Sunday? Why?

Do you fear black teen-agers?

Should the Coalition for a Just Cincinnati Co-Chair Nathaniel Livingston serve his 23-day sentence for yelling at the mayor through a bull horn nearly two Oktoberfests ago?

Did Cincinnati Arts Association President Steve Loftin really think he was going to win that lawsuit against the boycotters? Did you?

What is the proper dress code for a protest? Two-inch heels and a mini-dress?

Wasn't it absurd of the Cincinnati Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to think they'd have their annual dinner downtown? Do they know their organization is founded on the power of the boycott? Think they know it now?

Do you know the way to Coney Island? Remember when Negroes weren't allowed in there?

What if boycotters run out of targets? What if boycotters run out of energy?

Have you ever seen the General Kabaka Oba and Nikki X Show at City Council meetings?

Do you think Evendale residents are angry they're paying the legal fees of former Cincinnati cop and riot starter Stephen Roach?

What does it mean when shoes are hanging from a wire? Is that only in poor neighborhoods?

Do homeowners riot?

Can the United States possibly be at war with anyone else?

Shouldn't the residents of Huntington Meadows have gotten $500 just for living there?

Why are our little girls disappearing?

We know he can start a war, but is President Bush smart enough to stop a war?

When was the last time you were profiled? If you were profiled, would you know it?

Do you feel safer knowing former FOP President Keith Fangman is back on the street?

Are you nervous about former Cincinnati Public Schools Superintendent Steven Adamowski's replacement?

Don't white people assume everyone lives like them? Don't black people? Do Asian Americans believe media hype about blacks? Do blacks believe media hype about Asian Americans? Know any black women with relaxers? Know any white women with braids?

Do you think God keeps score? If so, who's winning?

Why does political gadfly William Kirkland always have on a suit? Who's he got an appointment with?

You down with O.P.P.? Yeah? You know me?

Couldn't Cincinnati be better? Couldn't Cincinnati be worse?

Doesn't Channel 9 sports anchor Dennis Janson remind you of actor George Hamilton? Isn't Michael Flannery of "9 On Your Kid's Side" shorter than you thought? Do short people have a reason to live?

Know any fat people? Any bigots? Are you one?

Wouldn't National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice make a reasonable presidential candidate? Should the descendants of slaves receive reparations? Is it too late for 40 acres and a mule?

Aren't baseball fans two-faced?

Are you ready for Sept. 11? Will you ever be?

Are there roaches in your house that you let run free?

Do you spend more money on gifts for Mother's Day or Father's Day?

Do you get CityBeat? Couldn't CityBeat be better? Wasn't CityBeat worse?

Aren't you grateful for sex? Isn't it underrated? Isn't it overused?

Isn't there always one broken-down, deadbeat, neo-crackhead Slim Shady second cousin at the reunion? Do you believe Eminem?

Why am I shaking haters off?

Why don't we give cops polygraphs? Why don't we give teachers raises?

Isn't it a sad commentary when, in the quest for justice, the death-by-cop of one unarmed black man distracts attention from the death-by-cop of another unarmed black man?

Will we ever turn the corner? Do you care if we do?

Are you in love with your children?

Is this much true?

Am I through?

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