Candidates On: Evaluating Milton Dohoney Jr.

Coverage of the non-incumbent candidates for Cincinnati City Council continues with their thoughts about the job performance of the man who oversees City Hall’s daily operations and its roughly 6,000 municipal employees.

The question is, “Do you think the current city manager, Milton Dohoney Jr., is doing a good job?”—-

Anitra Brockman (Green): “Whether I believe Mr. Dohoney is doing a good job is irrelevant. He obviously was chosen for the position because of his background and qualifications. Mr. Dohoney was selected as city manager to manage the city in a responsible manner, and I believe that there are obviously some areas of concern with this position because of the budget crisis we are facing. There must be accountability at the end of the day, or else the city will continue to be in financial trouble.”

Tony Fischer (Democrat): “Yes. It’s a tough job.”

Nicholas Hollan (Democrat): “In light of a nearly unprecedented financial crisis, I believe that our city manager is doing a good job. We have succeeded in balancing a budget without mass layoffs and ensuring basic services.”

Amy Murray (Republican): “The city manager is doing an adequate job, given what he has to work with. It is difficult to feel positive when we are in the middle of a terrible budget crisis with a $51.5 million deficit for 2010, a pension fund that is extremely under-funded, and looming layoffs for city workers.”

Laure Quinlivan (Democrat): “Yes. I think he’s earned the respect of most anyone paying attention. I admire his leadership on the streetcar issue and was impressed by his streetcar presentation at a forum organized by Giveback Cincinnati last spring.”

LaMarque Ward (Independent): “I think he is doing a great job. He keeps council well informed and states the facts.”

Bernadette Watson (Democrat): “Mr. Dohoney is doing, in my opinion, service for the city’s best interests as the CEO of the city. A respectful working relationship with council and mayor is important and, as we set policy and legislation for the city, we should be very respectful of the work Mr. Dohoney’s administration is doing and take their expertise into consideration when making decisions.”

George Zamary (Republican): “I think Mr. Dohoney has been placed in a precarious position of being unable to implement the budget set forth by council.”

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