Candidates On: Taking a Two-Month Summer Break

As part of CityBeat's continuing election coverage, we’ve once again sent a questionnaire to the non-incumbent Cincinnati City Council candidates to get their reactions on a broad range of issues.

Nine of the 14 non-incumbents chose to answer our questions. Others either didn’t respond or couldn’t meet the deadline.

During the next few weeks, we will print the responses from the non-incumbents to a different topic each time.

Today’s question is, “Do you believe City Council should continue taking its two-month summer break, or should it meet weekly during the summer?”—-

Mike Allen (Independent): “If there is a consensus among council members on how to solve some of the major issues facing the city, then they should consider coming back early from the summer break.”

Kevin Flynn (Charterite): “City Council has serious issues facing it. In June 2011, I issued a call for Council to cancel its recess to deal with those issues. Council ignored my call. It only takes two members of Council to call a meeting of Council. There are not two members who were willing to do so.”

Nicholas Hollan (Democrat): “Like most people, my staff and I work year round to make ends meet. Our elected officials should be held to the same standard and work year-round. I believe that city residents deserve a government that works as hard as they do.”

Patricia McCollum (Independent): “The business and daily operations of the City of Cincinnati are continuous and are not suspended. The amount of time for a summer recess should be reevaluated.”

Catherine Smith Mills (Republican): “If City Council is going to continue to be a part-time job, I think they should keep the break and consider a pay cut. A council member can still choose to work through this time if they so desire, and some do. If council members were required to work during this period, then I think that work should be dedicated to team building and collaboration meetings around the budget process.”

Sandra Queen Noble (Independent): “Incumbents are insincere. They can't balance a budget because it can't accept Jesus Christ as lord and savior. The controversy over the national debt is whose fault? The people or the politicians? $60 grand wont balance the budget unless she get two extra years' of $60 grand. And the council is with it.”

Jason Riveiro (Democrat): “No, it should work during the summer and take December off.”

Chris Seelbach (Democrat): “Absolutely not. Council should work through the summer.”

P.G. Sittenfeld (Democrat): “Council cannot afford to take a two-month break. The challenges facing the city demand full-time attention, not vacation.”

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