Catch the Wave and Love It

Road to Wellness

Sep 27, 2006 at 2:06 pm

The Wave: Ten years after elliptical machines hit the market, Technogym introduces the world to a new era in cardiovascular training — the Cardio Wave. It uses a unique multi-planar motion, similar to rollerblading or skiing, to tone and strengthen the glutes and core. Cardio Wave's three-dimensional approach increases balance and stability with a variety of dynamic programs and workout positions.

Wave vs. Elliptical: Instead of the singular linear plane movement offered by machines such as bikes and ellipticals, the Cardio Wave introduces the concept of exercising through three different planes of movement. Wave combines a more extensive range of motion including extension, abduction and external rotation that not only provides activation of more muscles in the lower body and the core stabilizer muscles but also offers a low-impact exercise that can be performed safely and efficiently. It's an ideal system for physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Using the Wave: Cardio Wave is an excellent tool used in muscle strengthening, joint mobilization and rehabilitative exercises. It's especially effective in knee and hip strengthening. By requiring the coordinated intervention of all muscle groups and by enabling range of movement control, Cardio Wave has proved itself safe and successful for strengthening all muscles and joints involved in movement of the knees and hips.

Falling in Love: I recently visited Milan, Italy and had the privilege to use the Wave. I loved it. Being a personal trainer and owner of a fitness center, I immediately saw the application for my gym. It would target specific areas especially troublesome for most women — the legs and glutes. I immediately placed my order. I received it six months later, and it was like Christmas in September. Now after using it on a regular basis, my clients love it also. Well, the results, not the burn.

Final Note: As the industry changes and grows, new technologies and products will appear. We trained professionals must decide what if any applications they would best serve. Finding the right products for our bodies, sports and lifestyles is a challenging yet rewarding position to be in.

Use the Wave and enjoy it. Keep your mind open to change, which is ever coming.

TERRY BRYAN runs Terry Bryan's Training Center in Kenwood, focusing on total body fitness from weight training to cardiovascular workouts to proper diet. Contact him at [email protected].