Changing Grandma

Hey, I read Larry Gross' amusing "Lunch With Andrea" Living Out Loud column (issue of Nov. 26) and could not help but wonder: Was he really having lunch with my grandmother? She couldn't bring herself to vote for Barack Obama and, like Gross' friend, hol

Changing Grandma

Hey, I read Larry Gross’ amusing “Lunch With Andrea” Living Out Loud column (issue of Nov. 26) and could not help but wonder: Was he really having lunch with my grandmother?

She couldn’t bring herself to vote for Barack Obama and, like Gross’ friend, holds on to the belief that Republicans are looking out for her. My family and I help her out because she also can’t make it on social security.

I don’t know how to change her thinking and, after reading this funny story, I’m thinking that maybe Gross can’t either! — Diane Vogt, Covedale

Return to Humor

I’m finally glad to see that Larry Gross’ mind is off his bartender and he’s writing funny columns again (“Lunch With Andrea,” issue of Nov. 26). That one had me rolling!

In celebration of Gross’ return to humor, be looking for a package I’m sending to the CityBeat offices. It will be a jar of tartar sauce. Please share some with Andrea! — Lee Stover, Northside

Shop Locally

Thank you so much for the shopping editorial in the Nov. 26 issue (“Think Locally, Shop Locally”). John Fox gave me great words for a philosophy I have practiced and tried to share for years.

I too am not a big fan of shopping but really do enjoy finding unique and meaningful gifts for friends and family. In addition to the neighborhood business areas Fox mentioned, I’d also recommend the MainStrasse area in Covington as well as Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue. Newport has some cool shops, too, especially Bev’s Kentucky Haus — truly a community-oriented neighborhood store.

Thanks so much for being a voice for bolstering local business. I also am a big fan of locally owned restaurants, both here and when I travel. — Don Deems, Newport

Republican Irony Is Passe

I can’t imagine what we’d do without Doug Taylor’s recent political wisdom backwash (“Obama, the Media and Us,” issue of Nov. 19).

My favorite part of his column was the whole “I’m not bitter. … Let’s move forward and not play a whining Democrat.” The irony being that this direction comes right after he finishes whining about a Democrat!

Another priceless line was “Let’s call Americans ‘us’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘me.’ ” It’s like Taylor thinks that we weren’t paying attention to Barack Obama’s message of transcendence and unification the first 1,000 times.

Assuming that Taylor didn’t vote for a third party candidate — apologies if so, as I have great respect for third party voters — he must have voted for Maverick McCain Red, as in extravagantly cheap and false accusations of Obama and the continuation of dangerously divisive politics.

Columns are meant to be a forum for original ideas, yeah? Perhaps Taylor should save his for the cab ride back to 1989. Republican irony is so passe. — Emerson Hodell Dyer, Clifton

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