Charlie's Corner: One Last Snowbration

The snow has come and then the ice and then the snow again. It was a beautiful winter sandwich that made for an entertaining ice chunk breaking contest. —- As you know, most of us had a snow day this past week. If you were a tough guy who didn't flinch when the media scared us with danger death ice talk, I hope you had fun at work. The majority of us were holed up at home making forts with the kids, sleeping all day or watching the Police Academy- The Complete Collection. The coolest of the cool kids were out and about using our childhood memories as launching pads for our day of activities. Unless you were well prepared and had two sleds sitting in the closet, the majority of people out on the "slopes" were cruising with Rubbermaid tops or the nearest cardboard box they could find. I saw people riding everything from an empty keg to an upside down table. It turned out to be one of the best snow days I've had since I was in grade school. I hope you enjoyed the snow!

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