Charterites Honor Tarbell

Jim Tarbell has been a Rock & Roll club owner, Cincinnati’s vice mayor, a champion of preserving historic neighborhoods, an advocate of building a Reds stadium in Over-the-Rhine and a tireless promoter of the city, among the many hats he’s worn over the years. Now the political group that helped elect Tarbell to public office will honor him at a bash next month.—-

The Charter Committee, Cincinnati’s de facto third political party, will hold a fund-raiser gala on May 14 to commemorate Tarbell’s years of community service.

The event will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Memorial Hall in Over-the-Rhine, near Washington Park.

Among the many people on the host committee are Cincinnati City Council members Chris Bortz and Roxanne Qualls, former Mayor Bobbie Sterne, former Vice Mayor Marian Spencer, ex-City Manager Jerry Newfarmer and Michael Goldman, Charter’s president.

Contribution levels to attend are $50, $150 and $250. All proceeds benefit the Charter Committee.

Founded in 1924, the Charter Committee is believed to be the oldest active, independent party-type political organization in the United States. It was begun to reform Cincinnati city politics, which was controlled by a powerful Republican machine established by “Boss” George Cox in the late 1880s.

Cox’s cronies controlled City Council, the courts, police and county government. After Cox retired, hand-picked protégées carried on in his name until Charterites got voters to approve various reforms.

For more information, visit Charter's Web site or call 513-241-0303.

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