WTF? Cicada Causes Car Crash in Cincinnati, Police Say

Ok, we didn't expect this.

Jun 8, 2021 at 10:27 am
A cicada did this. Yes, a cicada. - Photo: facebook/cincinnatipolice
Photo: facebook/cincinnatipolice
A cicada did this. Yes, a cicada.

We know we've been talking about cicadas a lot lately. Honestly, do you blame us?

We wear ridiculous cicada-proof getups while mowing the lawn. We duck inside for some fun when we can't handle the buzzing swarms anymore. And we even eat the little buggers when we realize there's no escape.

But we never expected Brood X to cause a vehicle crash.

That's what the Cincinnati Police Department says happened on June 7, though. According to CPD's social media posts, a motorist on Riverside Drive headed straight into a swarm of cicadas, and one flew into the vehicle. The driver was stunned, police say, and crashed into a telephone pole.

The car was totaled, but the driver had no serious injuries, police say.

"Remember to keep your windows rolled up until our little red eyed friends are gone," CPD says in a Facebook post.

Experts believe that cicadas in Greater Cincinnati will begin dying off in June and July.