Cincinnati-Born Artist Gives Back in South Carolina

Dec 22, 2008 at 2:04 pm

Cincinnati-born artist SH! started a multi-tiered fundraising project in Charleston, S.C. this holiday season. Starting with a live concert and moving on to an art sale, He's trying to raise money to buy gifts for under-privileged children.

The program, dubbed Presents From Punks, started five years ago as a benefit concert featuring a variety of musicians. But this year, SH! has moved into the visual art world by coordinating an art show that will do two things at once.—-

All the artists brought into the project have been encouraged to price their pieces below $50 to give everyone a chance at finding something affordable, and at this low price, SH! hopes to make more money for the second part of his project. All proceeds from the event will go toward purchasing gifts for kids.

It sounds like this kid from the 'Nati has some good ideas, maybe we can steal a couple back and have some great events here. You can read more about the mysterious SH! here, although on his MySpace page he goes by SHT!. It looks like he sells some cool shirts, check them out.

Silly Midwesterners and their nicknames ... silly newspapers and their misspellings.