Cincinnati Metro Will Be Free to Ride on Election Day, Nov. 3

As a result of funding from the city and Devou Good Foundation, Metro is going fare-free on Nov. 3 to make sure everyone has a way to get to the polls

Oct 26, 2020 at 2:28 pm
click to enlarge Cincinnati Metro Will Be Free to Ride on Election Day, Nov. 3

Greater Cincinnati's Metro bus service will be free to ride on Election Day, Nov. 3, thanks to a collaboration between the city, the Devou Good Foundation and the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio.

A city ordinance put forth by Cincinnati city council member P.G. Sittenfeld reallocates $11,000 from the City Manager's Office General Fund (previously slated for Census outreach efforts) and an additional $1,500 to help fund the Fare Free Day for Metro.

It's suggested Metro would lose roughly $30,000 in fares as a result of offering free rides Nov. 3.

The Devou Good Foundation has put forth $11,500 for the effort.

In a tweet, Sittenfeld said: "Big thanks to the Devou Good Foundation for their support making our Metro bus system fare-free to all on Election Day. And to be clear, this generous funding match happened because @derekbauman — a great advocate for transit and for democracy — made it happen!"

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