Cincinnati Reindustrialization Plan: Dance!

Cincinnati is not known as an Industrial music destination. Unlike San Francisco in the late ‘70s, Chicago in the mid-‘80s and Cleveland in the early ‘90s, the Queen City has never really enjoyed a love affair with the ever-morphing genre of all things dark, mechanical and dingy-sounding.

Ilan Kaim is the man who intends to change that. —-For the last 18 weeks, he’s been hard at work organizing monthly celebrations of Industrial/Gothic/Dark/EBM (Electronic Body Music) music. The recurrent events, which go by the name Quorum, are confined to no particular venue (other cities have hosted Quorum events in the past) and are open to anyone interested in partying to the post-apocalyptic and often highly danceable sounds of electronic decay.

Kaim, who grew up in Colombia on a steady diet of his parents’ Sabbath records, says he likes Cincinnati’s convenient location. It allows him to draw renowned bands and DJs from cities like Louisville, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Dayton/Columbus. But what he really gets a kick out of is the community atmosphere of freaky-geeky gothic peeps who show up to get down at the Quorum events.

“People are very open-minded. We have architects, scientists—it’s crazy. Some part of their brain goes toward Industrial. The music is just so powerful. It makes you want to dance. People need that.”

Since The Warehouse, which was Main Street’s destination for the pierced/eyeliner-clad/cyberpunk set, shut down years ago, people looking for a danceable Industrial alternative just haven’t had that release. They still speak fondly of it to this day, Kaim says, and he says he’s glad to be offering a monthly congregation site for these misty-eyed folks as well as the younger crowd.

So what should virgin visitors expect from Quorum?

"We take it up a notch—it’s not just DJs playing iTunes lists," Kaim says. For the July 4th “Judgment Day” Quorum at The Mockbee, he’s brought in two bands (The Azoic and Cincinnati’s Hematosis) and six world-class DJs (Copper Top, DJ Heim, DJ Chuck_G, Mr. Industrial Pants, DJ PhOeniXXX and DJ Reich) All of the acts were hand-picked for their Industrial-friendly styles.

Kaim’s got a lot of future plans on the table. Other than "Judgment Day," here’s what’s up in the short run: the “number-one Industrial DJ in the world,” DJ The End, will appear at the July 31-Aug. 1 Quorum, which is slated to take place at the Adonis nightclub. Looking further out, Kaim hopes to organize events at the Subway downtown and an Industrial-themed haunted house at the Mockbee for Halloween '09, although this idea hasn’t quite made its way off the drawing board just yet.

In any case, you'll have ample opportunity to slap on your best pair of black leather pants, connect that chain from your nose ring to your earring, and get out there and groove.

For details on "Judgment Day" and more information, visit Quorum's Web site.

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