Cincinnati's IntubationPod Named One of TIME Magazine's Best Inventions of 2020

The IntubationPod is a "lightweight, portable pop-up enclosure" that goes over a patient's head and neck and gives medical professionals access, as well as an additional layer of protection against infection

Nov 19, 2020 at 4:43 pm
click to enlarge Cincinnati's IntubationPod Named One of TIME Magazine's Best Inventions of 2020
Photo: Provided by Under the Weather

A Cincinnati creation has been named one of TIME magazine's best inventions of 2020.

The IntubationPod was created by local company Under the Weather, which started out making portable and pop-up protective pods to keep out inclement weather at events like sporting games. 

Described by the company, the IntubationPod is a "lightweight, portable pop-up enclosure which slips over the upper body of a patient laying on a gurney or operating table. The IntubationPod gives an entire medical team the ability to safely access a patient’s head and neck area while serving as a protective barrier from contaminant diffusion by encapsulating potential aerosolized contagions during procedures or treatments."

TIME magazine wrote up the invention in its top 100 list under the "Medical Care" heading with the following:

When Rick Pescovitz, CEO of Under the Weather, designed his first personal plastic bubble to protect from the elements, he thought, Who in the world would wear this thing? Then the pandemic hit, and the semi-enclosed space that the pods create found a new, all-weather purpose: protecting frontline workers. Hospitals use the IntubationPod ($69–$99), which covers the wearer’s head and shoulders, to shield both patients and workers during medical procedures, while longer versions, which have openings for the arms and extend to the hips or beyond, appeal to teachers and police officers. 

“We are honored that TIME recognized the value of the IntubationPod,” said Pescovitz in a release. “When the pandemic started and there were reported shortages of PPE for frontline healthcare workers, I immediately began designing this product, consulting with medical professionals, to help provide additional safety measures for our healthcare workers on the frontlines.”

The pod has two elasticized armholes at the top and a zippered window on each side to keep medical professionals protected while still being able to access their patient. This also provides an additional barrier against infection when used with other PPE. Zero assembly is required; the pod just pops up.

“Few companies are capable of going from concept to a finished, patent-pending product in less than a month,” said Kelly Mahan, UTW President. “Our company was founded on developing innovative solutions, products designed to solve problems. Our growth continues to be fueled by listening, evolving and innovating.”

This year, the IntubationPod was also honored by Fast Company and its 2020 Innovation by Design Awards.

The pods are priced at $59.99 and available at If you are a medical or health care professional interested in the pod, contact UTW for questions or with donation requests.