Cincinnati's Procter & Gamble Takes Its Refillable Antiperspirants Nationwide

The company says that Secret and Old Spice are the first major brands to debut product cases that use no single-use plastic.

Secret's new refillable antiperspirant and paperboard deodorant - Photo: Business Wire
Photo: Business Wire
Secret's new refillable antiperspirant and paperboard deodorant

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and work-from-home situation means that, for many of us, we’re not using as much stuff as we were before last March.

Less gasoline. Less makeup. Less clothing (except for sweatshirts and pajamas, of course).

But the pandemic also means that we’re probably using more single-use plastic at home than we realize, as we go through canisters of disinfecting wipes and bottles of hand sanitizer.

Reducing that plastic is one reason why Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble is launching refillable antiperspirant cases with no single-use plastic nationwide for its Secret and Old Spice brands this month, becoming the first large brands to do so.

In a release, P&G notes that it had tested all-paper, plastic-free Secret and Old Spice items last May in limited areas. That success led the corporation to its new national launch.

The refillable antiperspirant cases have no single-use plastic, and refills come in 100% Forest Stewardship Council-certified paperboard packaging that can be recycled. The starter kit has a suggested retail price of $10, with refills at $8.

P&G also is expanding its aluminum-free versions of Secret and Old Spice products that come in recyclable paper tube packaging made of 90 percent recycled paperboard.

Procter & Gamble isn’t the first company to dip its toes into the eco-friendly personal care market. Helmm claimed last year to be the world’s first refillable deodorant, Unilever’s Dove brand debuted its own refillable deodorant in January, and Lush’s package-free deodorant and shampoo bars have been around for years. But, according to the P&G release, the Cincinnati corporation is the first to go all-in on no single-use plastics for its major brands on such a large scale.

P&G says that its refillable antiperspirants and paper tube deodorants will be available at Walmart, Target and CVS physical stores and online at Walgreens this month.

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