City Says Yes to More Horse Poop, and 9 Other Cincinnati Stories You May Have Missed This Week

The Brent Spence Bridge is open, white-tailed deer are full of COVID and Nick Castellanos and the Reds apparently are the new "Ross and Rachel."

Nov 12, 2021 at 5:14 pm
click to enlarge You'll have to continue to watch for horse manure in Cincinnati. - Photo: Ricardo Esquivel, Pexels
Photo: Ricardo Esquivel, Pexels
You'll have to continue to watch for horse manure in Cincinnati.

What a year the past week has been! There's been so much sports drama and chatter about horse manure that we almost forgot — the Brent Spence Bridge is open! Our nearly-infinite "infrastructure week" nightmare is finally over (for now)! Catch up on this and the week's other major news stories below.

Commercial Horse Carriages Can Stay, Cincinnati City Council Says

Residents have been lobbying for years to get rid of horse-drawn carriages in Cincinnati, saying that they're dangerous for humans and unhealthy for humans. Moreover, the horses tend to, uh, relieve themselves at inappropriate spots, including right outside small businesses' doors. Cincinnati City Council voted to keep the poop — er, the horses — around, though. Read CityBeat's story about the manure that happened during the council meeting.

The Brent Spence Bridge is Finally Fully Open

We almost can't even believe our own headline. After about eight months of construction hell, the No. 2 freight truck route finally fully reopened to traffic on Nov. 8. Read CityBeat's story about the Brent Spence's ongoing maintenance issues

Great, Now White-Tailed Deer — Ohio's State Mammal — Have COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic may last even longer than we thought, thanks to Ohio's favorite deer spreading the virus among themselves and back to humans. Scientists say the deer might even carry the virus indefinitely, which is bad news, since they tend to hang out in backyards. Read CityBeat's story about the zombie-virus deer and how to help slow the COVID spread.

All Nick Castellanos, All the Time

Are they done for good, or will they get back together? Nick Castellanos and the Cincinnati Reds apparently are the new "Ross and Rachel." The Reds extended a qualifying offer to Castellanos, the outfielder turned it down, then he won a batting award and said he'd love a different offer from the team. OUR HEARTS CAN'T HANDLE THIS. Read CityBeat's story about the latest hot-stove drama surrounding Castellanos.

Cincinnati Cyclones President Ray Harris Gets Nod for 2022 ECHL Hall of Fame

When you think about hockey in Cincinnati, you can't help but picture Ray Harris. Over nearly 20 years, the president of the Cincinnati Cyclones has enabled team after team to bring exciting gameplay to local fans, along with some crucial Kelly Cup hardware. Harris will be inducted into the ECHL Hall of Fame in January. Read CityBeat's story about how Harris built Cincinnati's winning teams.

Beloved Hometown Boy Band 98 Degrees to Heat Up Cincinnati's Hard Rock Casino This December

Sure, the four-part harmony group was big in the '90s and '00s, but the members reunited in 2021 for a new single, and now it seems like they want even more time together. In a tweet, 98 Degrees said, "We’re excited to be heading back to Cincinnati to play at the Hard Rock Casino." Read CityBeat's story about the upcoming show, plus speculate with us if Nick Lachey will turn up here during The Masked Singer tour next year.

14 Drive-Thru and Walk-Thru Holiday Light Shows in Cincinnati for 2021

Fan-favorite light displays and new illuminated indoor attractions are ready to brighten Cincinnati this winter. These light shows — new and classic — are open as either drive-thru or walk-thru experiences to illuminate your spirits and brighten your winter. See CityBeat's photos of the best light displays and start making your holiday plans.

Cincinnati Restaurants Offering Thanksgiving Dinner for Carry-Out So You Don't Have to Cook

Don't feel like stuffing some stuffing up a raw turkey butt? Let someone else do the work. Some of Cincinnati's tastiest restaurants are making the holiday easy on you. Read CityBeat's story for where to pick up your meal and when to place your order.

Cincinnati's Dean Regas Named Grand Canyon's Next Astronomer in Residence

Cincinnati is the birthplace of American astronomy (it's true), and soon visitors to Grand Canyon National Park will get the full Queen City educational experience when Cincinnati Observatory Astronomer Dean Regas takes over as the park's Astronomer in Residence, starting Nov. 16. Read CityBeat's story for more about Regas' role there and how you might be able to catch a livestream at home.

Kickstart the Arts: Greater Cincinnati Organizations Emerge from the Pandemic with Big Plans

After almost two years of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, local arts, cultural and educational organizations are cautiously hoping they can finally emerge from nightmare times with new ideas. A number are at least considering — and, in some cases, already constructing — new buildings or redesigning existing ones. Read CityBeat's story for more about their plans, and what's already in progress.

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