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Best Supporting Actress Nominee: Angelina Jolie

Angeline Jolie

Forget about who's going to direct Harry Potter. The table talk at Beverly Hills' Crustacean is about Oscar seat assignments. Behind-the-scenesters have been plotting what butts go where for some time. There are basic rules: Keep Minnie Driver and Matt Damon separated; Charlie Sheen gets extra spots for his "escorts" and Michael Douglas' ex-wife isn't invited.

CityBeat's Oscar scorecard will help make you an office pool hero. Our interviews with many of the Oscar nominees blow away some silly Wall Street Journal phone survey. Don't worry if you didn't make the trip to the Shrine Auditorium. Just say you refused a seat that wasn't as good as Kevin Spacey's.

Best Supporting Actress: Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted.

Her story: As Winona Ryder's free-spirited mental hospital-mate Lisa, Jolie brings a burst of energy into this coming-of-age tale.

Bio: Hard to believe that Jolie temporarily left acting to enroll in New York University's film school. Her trademark lush lips earn plenty of attention. But stealing the limelight away from Ryder further seals Jolie's "it" girl status.

Las Vegas Odds: 3-1

CityBeat Odds: Handicapping is difficult with so many exciting, new faces. But Jolie's famous father, Jon Voight, makes her one of Hollywood's own. And we know how Academy voters feel about keeping Oscars in the family.

Jolie on her "it" girl status: "I feel funny talking about myself. I'm not good at being me. That kind of job, going to those personal places, feels like you're a politician."

On acting: "The biggest thing about working in a film is connecting with that other actor or trying to say something and see if that makes them love you or spit on you."

On her upcoming role in the summer blockbuster Gone in Sixty Seconds: "It was taking time off. I need to be silly. It was great just to be with Nic (Cage) and those guys, have a silly time with them and be happy."

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