CityBeat's State of the Union Drinking Game!

It's that time of the year again — the president's State of the Union speech. Know what that means? Bipartisanship: CityBeat's State of the Union drinking game! Whoot! Whoot! Whoot!—-


Object of Bipartisanship: to become drunk rather than consider long-term effects of partisan politics.

Needs: one bottle of liquor or several beers per player.

Game preparation: all players will select drink and place in front of sitting area; turn on TV at 9 p.m.

Game play: yell “Bipartisanship!” any time both aisles stand at same time; drink.

Boehner Bonus: chug drink any time John Boehner smiles or cries.

If you need to get your pregame on before the 9 p.m. event, pour yourself a tall glass of St. Ides Special Brew and play a 5 minute round with Richard Nixon's 1970 speech (bonus chug any time you think the dude over Nixon's left shoulder might be asleep). A little reminder of Vietnam-era hope for the nation should get you in mood to get wasted on a Tuesday.  

* Bipartisanship was invented by Kyle Cross during Barack Obama's 2009 State of the Union address in response to the awkwardness with which Republicans stood up and down during the speech. The inaugural game involved several Coors Lights, a pint of Kentucky whiskey and one wife annoyed at how drunk Congress' meaningless posturing made her husband.   

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