CityBeat's Favorite Vanity License Plates That Ohio Banned in 2021 (Hello, PORK N IT)

We'd give anything to see these on the road.

click to enlarge Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine reveals Ohio's new license plate design in October 2021. - The Ohio Channel
The Ohio Channel
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine reveals Ohio's new license plate design in October 2021.

Oh, Ohio, we sure do love your nerve.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles recently released its list of vanity plate applications that it had rejected in 2021. In a document uploaded by Ben Orner of WCMH-TV in Columbus, the BMV denied 827 vanity plates last year. Per Orner:
Ohio has specific rules for custom license plates, BMV spokesperson Lindsey Bohrer said, that ban profane, obscene, and sexual language, as well as plates that could provoke violence or lawlessness.
Many of the rejected plates referred to politics (including many variations of "Fuck Biden" from right-leaning Ohioans) or bodily functions.

The BMV did not permit references to butts, cutting IATEASS, AXEHOLE and A55MANN (perhaps a nod to Seinfeld).

The agency also denied breast references like TITSOUT, B00B33S and T1DD13S.

Penises apparently didn't belong on license plates, either, with the BMV denying NCE COK, LIL PEEN and SMOLL PP.

Say goodbye to toilet jokes. The BMF didn't want FLL SHTR or PP TIME.

There was no room for romance, as the BMV rejected MLF LVR, ANAL SEX, PSSY PWR, PORK N IT, CUM4MEE and BND OVR.

And nobody was allowed to be AF ("as fuck") anything; PAGAN AF, THICK AF and SMOOV AF all were denied.

One that we wish could have made it as we begin the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic? SHT SHOW.

In October, Ohio unveiled a new license plate design that hilariously included a backwards airplane, to the delight of Twitter users. The plate has since been fixed and went into circulation at the end of December.

See the full list of the BMV's rejected vanity license plates.

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