Clooney on 'Charlie Rose Show' Tonight

Oct 6, 2011 at 12:02 pm

The Ides of March is nearly here. George Clooney's political thriller, partially shot here in Cincinnati, opens wide tomorrow, and the film's publicity blitz is now in full effect with TV spots flooding the airwaves (you know, the ones pimping Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers' typically overly exuberant blurbage) and Clooney himself doing a few selected interviews.

While CityBeat unfortunately didn't get one of those interviews (our bribe of complimentary CB T-shirts and a pass to the MidPoint Music Festival apparently weren't sufficient enough to sway his handlers; we instead talked to Ides actor Max Minghella), Clooney will appear on tonight's episode of The Charlie Rose Show on PBS to discuss the film. It's probably no surprise, then, to learn that Clooney's character in Ides — an articulate liberal Pennsylvania governor who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination — appears on Rose's show in the film.—-

We were going to embed video of Clooney's previous real-life appearances on the show, but Charlie's website doesn't allow for such things, thus the below YouTube teasers will have to suffice. All of the following can be viewed in their entirety on the show's site.

Clooney on the source of his directorial aspirations and his role in the Coen brothers' O Brother Where Art Thou:

Clooney on his voracious movie-viewing habits:

Clooney on his limitations as an actor:

Clooney on working with Steven Soderbergh on The Good German:

Oh, and just for the hell of it, here's a snippet of my favorite movie-related Rose interview; with Quentin Tarantino back when Pulp Fiction dropped in the fall of 1994 (note how young they both look):