Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Hamilton County By Zip Code and Demographic

Hamilton County Public Health updated this map April 15 and says it will be updated weekly.

Apr 15, 2020 at 3:09 pm

Hamilton County Public Health has released a map of confirmed coronavirus cases in the county, broken down by zip code and demographic. This map was updated April 15 and the health department says it will be updated weekly.

These demographics were also included in the information. The minimum age is 14 and the maximum age is 97. And the cases are currently broken down by these amounts and race:

  • 8 (2.4%) Hispanic
  • 61 (18.3%) Non-Hispanic Black
  • 132 (39.6%) Non-Hispanic White
  • 8 (2.4%) Asian
  • 22 (6.6%) Other
  • 102 (30.6%)  Unknown