Cover Story: D.I.Y. Locals Only

Best local band of 2006? You work it out ... we're tired

Dec 27, 2006 at 2:06 pm

"Our sound is kind of _______(1)________ and very _______(2)_________," says ____(3)________ Smith, lead singer for The _______(4)________. "It's different from anything you'll hear in Cincinnati right now because we incorporate _______(5)_______ in addition to your normal guitars/drums/bass configuration."

We're drinking _______(6)________ at _______(7)_______, a newly opened local music venue in the building that used to house ________(8)_______, which closed unexpectedly earlier this year to much disappointment after a successful three-year run.

"We played here a few times when it was _______(9)_______." Smith says. "Once an audience member got so ____(10)_______ that he threw a bag of ____(11)_______ on stage and then ___(12)_________ on all of us after the show!"

_______(13)_______, who plays ____(14)________ for the four-man project, smiles shyly at the mention of his former band, ____(15)________.

"We were just out of high school and were pretty terrible," he says, laughing. "I mean, we used to play stuff like _______(16)_______ and ____(17)_______ every Thursday night at _______(18)________! We've really ____(19)________ since then!

We broke up after our equipment got stolen at a show in _______(20)_______."

The band members met as students at ____(21)_______ High School. Soon after, they started practicing covers in ________(22)_______'s basement, where influences like ____(23)_________, ____(24)__________ and ________(25)________ inspired them to create original music. The band agrees that, although their sound is mostly geared toward ____(26)________, they would welcome attention from ___(27)_______ and ____(28)_________.

The band is currently recording its first full-length disc, tentatively titled ____(29)___________, at _______(30)________ Studios under the careful direction of local ___(31)_______ and ________(32)____ legend __________(33)______________, who once played in a ___(34)________ outfit with Smith's parents. Though the guys have yet to be approached by label representatives, they've considered the possibility thoroughly and are unanimous in their goals and expectations.

"We don't want to be under anyone's thumb," Smith says. "We are totally committed to making our music our way. _______(35)_______ the Man!

"Cincinnati has such a ___(36)_______ music scene. Everyone here is so ____(37)____, and the city couldn't be more ____(38)_________ in its support of original music. We had such a _______(39)_______ experience at _______(40)_______ this year. Next year will definitely _______(41)________!"

Insert Instructions (with CityBeat suggestions for the stumped)
1. Wacko musical genre/descriptor

2. Mainstream musical genre/descriptor

3. Common name of Midwestern male age 21-28 (Josh, Dave, Mike, Justin, etc.)

4. Innocuous yet memorable plural noun, preferably mono-syllabic

5. Unusual musical instrument (dobro, didgeridoo, wheelharp)

6. So-unhip-it's-hip alcoholic beverage such as Pabst Blue Ribbon

7. Newer local music venue in Northside or Covington

8. Extinct music venue (Neon's, RBC, Jekyll and Hyde's)

9. See 8

10. Adjective, ideally of the alcohol- or passion-fueled variety

11. Disgusting noun

12. Verb involving bodily fluids

13. A nickname befitting a Rock star (best when either attached to "Dr." or devised to denote sexual and/or musical prowess)

14. Musical instrument

15. A kitchy/immature band name (possibilities here are endlessly horrific)

16. & 17. Hard Rock and/or Punk band from the early to mid-'90s

18. Any local venue that no one over the age of 20 should be caught dead frequenting

19. Past-tense synonym for maturity

20. Any Greater Cincinnati neighborhood notorious for theft and vandalism

21. A local school, preferably public

22. See No. 3

23-25. A famous Rock band; check T-shirt display at Hot Topic for ideas

26. A "type" of music fan (gear-geeks, Westsiders, hipsters)

27. & 28. Types of people (the elderly, Rap fans, stoners)

29. Album title with three words that are suggestive of further depth and/or comedy

30. Any local, independent recording studio (it can, and often should be, the renamed basement of a member's home)

31. Position in the audio/visual technology field

32. A musical instrument

33. A name that could belong only to a seasoned musician; if it sounds at all accountant- or city official-like, you're off track

34. Musical genre often associated with an older crowd (Hip Hop is fine, but Folk will be far more believable)

35. Verb, preferably an expletive

36. Adjective suggesting either kinship or cruelty

37. Adjective describing personality

38. Adjective

39. Adjective

40. A local music festival in 2006; options are fairly limited (may be left blank)

41. Only variations of "rock!" or "suck!" fit here