Cover Story: Hail to the Presidents of Cincinnati

They deserve a slice of Presidents Day glory, too

Sean Hughes

Hail to the Presidents of Cincinnati

Monday is Presidents Day, when Americans celebrate two of our most accomplished leaders, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and by extension all those who have served the nation as chief executive. Even W.

Schools, banks and post offices will close Monday, and a few retail stores will use Washington's and/or Lincoln's image to help sell stuff at a discount. It's all very patriotic and very festive.

But why should we focus this annual holiday on just the 43 men who have served as President of the United States? They're not the only ones to have risen to the top rank in their field and had a huge impact on others.

Why, in Greater Cincinnati alone there are thousands of people who serve as president — in large and small companies, in social service organizations, in community councils and in clubs, unions, associations and nonprofits of every size and configuration possible. Some are well-paid and well-recognized for their efforts, while a great many slog away as volunteers who get few perks other than a nice title.

So this year CityBeat would like to slice off a little piece of the Presidents Day cake and serve it to you, the Presidents of Cincinnati. Without you, our companies and organizations wouldn't run as smoothly, our vice presidents wouldn't have anyone to report to and everyone else would lose an easy target to bitch about around the watercooler.

Here are profiles of six area men and women who preserve, protect and defend their organizations to the best of their ability, so help them God. Just realize that they represent countless others who keep our country, our communities and our neighborhoods moving and groovin'.

Knowing them, they won't be slacking off on Monday like the rest of us.

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