Cover Story: Hot Drink

Red bull is red hot

This summer's most popular drink claims to give you a boost of energy, enhance your athletic performance and increase your metabolism. Oh yeah, and with that shot of vodka in it, it'll give you a good buzz to boot.

Red Bull, an Austrian sports drink, combined with a shot of vodka is fast becoming this year's Cosmopolitan. The self-labeled Energy Drink, which boasts a composition of taurine (an amino acid), glucuronolactone (a detoxifying agent), carbohydrates, B-complex vitamins and caffeine, claims to increase "physical stamina" and "mental clarity." That's gotta be a good thing, with all the vodka folks are drinking with it.

The Party Source first starting selling the little 8.5 oz. silver-and-blue cans about a year ago, before any bars in town had even heard of the sticky, citrus-flavored drink. The store now sells about 600 cans of it a week, at $1.79 per. That's a fairly good price considering most bars that carry the drink mix it with a shot of vodka and sell it for three times the amount.

At Jump Café on Main Street, bartenders serve it up with a shot of Absolut vodka for $5.75. Across the street at Westminster Billiards Club, the mixed drink comes in a beer pint for $6. And at Million's Café in Mount Lookout, customers buy the can for $3, which accomodates at least two mixers. A shot of vodka over ice on the side is an additional $3.25.

One frequent bar patron warned me the stuff puts even a six-pack of Jolt or Mountain Dew to shame: "One drink will keep you up all night."

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