Cover Story: 'It Was Awesome!'

Join Eliza Rushmore, Kream Abdul Jabballs, Chocolate Drop, Ryder Strong and Anniething Goes for a stroll through CityBeat's second annual Love & Sex Survey

Sean Hughes

Love and sex are our most private experiences, yet they're almost always shared with another person. Or several people, sometimes at once.

But when it comes to admitting to these feelings or to personal preferences, usually we're scared to express ourselves — even to our most intimate friends and lovers.

For the second year in a row right before Valentine's Day, CityBeat has tried to open communication on the topics of love and sex via the avenue that seems to work best: anonymity. And the results have again proven our hypothesis correct, as you've told us (and the world) about your sexual habits, your embarrassments, your triumphs and your inner-most thoughts and feelings.

We received more than 600 survey responses, and we've crunched the numbers to provide a snapshot of Greater Cincinnati's State of Love and Sex. We've also culled the best responses from the open-ended questions.

Overall, the percentages don't vary too greatly from last year's survey, which, if we remember our basic statistics class from college, means these numbers likely offer a representative sample. Here's what we see:

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