Cover Story: Sex, Love and Longing

John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus is as sweet as it is subversive

Oct 25, 2006 at 2:06 pm
Jim Fugett

Provocative film Shortbus is as sweet as it is subversive

Shortbus is a movie with lots of sex: straight sex, gay sex, conventional sex, contortionist sex, three-way sex, orgiastic sex and, of course, sex with one's self (auto-fellatio, no less). Oh, and none of it is simulated.

Writer/director John Cameron Mitchell's follow-up to Hedwig and the Angry Inch is also a hilarious, often touching film about people who dare to be different in post-9/11, pre-blackout New York City. Sure, its unabashedly overt sexual content is bound to repel some, but Shortbus isn't designed to titillate or to challenge (well, maybe a little) those who might be offended.

Sex is portrayed as the organic, everyday occurrence it is. (See a review of Shortbus.)

The film's title refers to a weekly underground salon where various artists, cross-dressers and boho types gather in a Brooklyn loft to express themselves in ways both colorful and carnal. It's a nurturing, communal utopia of sorts, Mitchell's stand-in for what he calls "old New York, for chosen family values: the values of Walt Whitman, Garcia Lorca and Punk Rock."

(The film's music, courtesy of veterans like Yo La Tengo and newcomers like Scott Matthew, is uniformly phenomenal.)

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