D.I.Y.-er Du Jour: Amber Reis

Jun 29, 2009 at 10:06 am

Etsy shop-owner Amber Reis of Latonia, Ky., grew up where the concept of D.I.Y. runs true: on a farm. Originally her grandfather’s, Amber’s farm is located in Southern Campell County in a town called Grants Lick. It was there that Amber learned about the importance of making her own food and clothing and reducing her dependence on store-bought products. Amber Reis is today’s D.I.Y.-er Du Jour!—-

Amber’s parents grew up during the Great Depression, where they learned to be thrifty and do everything for themselves. During this generation’s economic crisis, the tricks Amber’s parents taught her have certainly come in handy.

 ”We had a huge garden every summer,” Amber said ”and my mother canned just about anything that grew so we could eat it all winter. The cellar was lined with row upon row of  vegetables and fruit. Some of my favorite memories are sitting on the porch swing shelling peas or snapping green beans with Mom.”

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