D.I.Y. Samurai: Denim

I hate wearing pants.

For every ten pairs of pants I try on, I might look slightly normal in one. They’re usually too short and I always have a hand-full of extra fabric in the crotch region (Do pant designers assume everyone has a foopa? ). I wish a dress or skirt was appropriate for every single situation, but that’s simply not the case.Thankfully, indiDenim has heard my pant-hating cries.—-

I found out about this site on The Frisky, which is always a fun read. The blog explained the basics of indiDenim, but I had to create a pair for myself.

The site offers jeans for men and women, so you have to choose your gender first. Next, if you’re more of a left-brain person, you can skip the design process and purchase custom-fit selections based on your personal measurements. That’s boring, so I opted to design my own pair. I figured the site’s options would include color, cut and a few little visual details but there are seemingly limitless design and fit features. Here’s the skinny:

Cut- Slim, Relaxed, Trouser or Plus.

Fabric- 13 blue and black hues and seven finer options that cost an extra $15.

Rise- Super low, Low, Mid or High.

Fly- Zipper or Buttons.

Leg Style- Narrow(”Skinny”), Straight, Bootcut, Flare, Wide, Capri or Capri Wide.

Bottom Hem Style- Various hem lengths, cuff or slit.

Coin Pocket- Choose whether or not you want that mini pouch in your front pockets.

Back Pocket Shape- Nine different styles, including button closures, one of which is $5 extra.

Back Pocket Embellishment- 29 different options including different colored emblems and other embroidered designs, one of which is $5 extra.

Finishing Treatment- Whether your want your jeans crisp and clean or torn to shreds, you can choose from a variety of sanding, whiskers and holes.

After designing you denim, enter your height, weight, natural waist and inseam measurements, bra cup and band sizes, pant size (you can even pick a range if, like me, you can wear a few sizes) and typical pant length. All of these will help determine your overall body shape, which I think is an awesome idea if you really want your pants to fit well.

The site will now prompt you to describe your body shape with pictures instead of numbers. So, now it’s time to analyze your body.  Always fun.

Tummy Shape- (From the side) Flat, Average, Round or Very Round.

Waist Shape- (From the front) Defined, Average or Undefined.

Thigh Shape- Thin, Average or Full.

Seat Shape- Got a Badonkadonk? Choose from Flat, Average, Prominent or Wide/Full.

Waist Gape-  Do you usually have extra room at the waist of your pants in the back (Yes! Yes! Yes!)? You can select Fits OK, Gapes a Little or Gapes a Lot.

Waist Fit- When you wear pants that hit your waist (under your bellybutton), are they usually Very Tight, A Bit Tight, Fit OK, A Bit Big or Very Big?

Hip Fit- Similarly, when you wear pants that hit your hips, are they usually Too Small, Fit OK or Too Big?

Now you’re almost done. Just sign up with your e-mail address and order away! I didn’t select any extra-cost design elements, so my pair ended up costing $145. More expensive than my usual pair of pants, but quality fit is guaranteed!

If you have a pair of indiDenim jeans or are thinking about creating your own, Let me know! I’d love to see photos and find out if they’re really the perfect fit.

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