Darkane: Demonic Art

[Nuclear Blast Records]

If a bottomless crevice were to split in the Earth’s surface and serve as the gateway for Satan’s army to emerge in an apocalyptic, Book of Revelations scenario, Darkane’s latest album would be the ideal soundtrack to fuel the human race as it storms into battle.

The 14-track album carries Death Metal to dizzying heights with epic orchestral flourishes, blast beats, down-tuned breakdowns, brutally heavy marches and shredding guitar riffs that cut to the bone (maybe even through it). New singer Jens Broman masters the Thrash Metal scream and balances the songs with clean, melodic vocals which serve as a bold testament to the band’s farreaching musical competence.

Demonic Art is diverse from beginning to end but maintains a consistent aggressiveness and technicality that cannot be matched in the genre. The songs are characterized by slews of precise time-signature changes, creating an erratic effect that keeps listeners constantly at attention as their heads almost involuntarily bang to the music. Abstract lyrics dealing with the album’s central concept of inner demons (including fear, regret, worry and rage) functioning as catalysts for personal growth add thought-provoking depth to the music, which, in essence, is sure to please almost any Metal enthusiast. Grade: B

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