Daytripping (or in this case, Nighttripping)

Six pre-planned trips covering a variety of themed locations

Oct 13, 2010 at 2:06 pm

The Paranormal Pub Crawl
The Best Spirits in Town!

1st Stop - Shimmers Ballroom and Tavern
2nd Stop - Bobby Mackey’s Music World
3rd Stop - Southgate House
4th Stop - Crow’s Nest
5th Stop - Smokin’ Monkey
6th Stop - Habit’s Café
Final Stop - Latitudes
(Remember, do not drive drunk. The city has enough ghosts. We don’t want you making more.)

The Urban Legend Trip
Are they just urban legends, or is there something more?

1st Stop - Hook Man of Pond Run Road
2nd Stop - Flash your lights at Stonelick Covered Bridge
3rd Stop - Flash your lights at Buell Road
4th Stop - Pick up a Phantom Hitchhiker at Princeton Road on your way to…
5th Stop - Flash your lights at Oxford Milford Road

Down Harrison Avenue
A long road with a frightful variety of ghosts
1st Stop - Start by swerving down the Harrison Avenue’s Dead Man’s Curve
2nd Stop - then cross the Miamitown Bridge
3rd Stop - catch a scary movie at Rave Cinemas Western Hills
4th Stop - then stop at the Smokin’ Monkey for a night cap
5th Stop - before saying good night to Wesley at the Westwood Town Hall

The Demons of Southwest Ohio
If you don’t mess with them, they’re still going to mess with you

1st Stop  - Buffalo Ridge Road—have the Satanists in the woods gone too far?
2nd Stop - Reily Cemetery—where the evil is almost tangible
3rd Stop - Reily Pizza—the center of the pentagram
4th Stop - Satan’s Hollow—where a demon protects the satanic altar

See How Many Hitchhikers You Can Pick Up
Those roadside phantoms with somewhere to be
1st Stop - Harrison Avenue’s Dead Man’s Curve—go ahead, pick him up if you have the guts.
2nd Stop - East Miami River Road—the headless woman in the wedding dress is looking for something so why not give her a hand?
3rd Stop - New London Road—all that jogging has to be tiring so give him a ride.
4th Stop - Princeton Road—hurry, she’s running late for the prom!
5th Stop - Pond Run Road—the hook man would put out his thumb, if he had one.
6th Stop - Clermont Dead Man’s Curve—if he doesn’t have a face, how can he tell you where he wants to go?

Ghosts of the Civil War
Who knew that the war was still going on?
1st Stop - Congress Green Cemetery—Union Soldiers walk among the fallen
2nd Stop - Miamitown Bridge—a replacement for the one destroyed by General Burnside
3rd Stop  - Old Miamiville Train Tracks—General Morgan’s civilian victim
4th Stop - Camp Dennison—the beginning and the end for many Union soldiers
5th Stop - Peter’s Cartridge Company—munitions providers for the Union cause