Dear Big East Basketball Coaches

Y’all done fucked up. If you think UC is going to finish 11th in the conference this year, you're dumber than Roy Bright.—-

Y’all shoulda read about Mick Cronin’s boys coming onto the team this year and respected how hard they can jam. I know there’s going to be a lot of reliance on freshmen to jam it in the hoop and that’s difficult in the Big East and all of you have good basketball players too. But if you haven’t heard about Yancy Gates, Cashmere Wright and Dion Dixon, you certainly remember what Deonta Vaughn has done to you for two years with no help at all.

All I’m saying is that for UC to be picked 11th out of 16 teams, many of you probably picked them to finish even worse. Guys like Rick Pitino and Bob Huggins probably picked the ’Cats to finish higher, which made up for those of you who don’t remember the early 2000 teams (F-you Jim Boeheim, I know it was you!).

And another thing: If you think voting on preseason freshman of the year candidates is cool, you should probably go ahead and start a Big East fantasy league and follow that during the season. It would be less stupid than predicting which kid who’s never played a game is going to do the best.

Stick it up your ass.

Danny Cross

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