Dhani Tackles the Art World

Cincinnati's beloved linebacker Dhani Jones will have an exhibit of his photographs on display at Country Club this Friday. Aside of crushing Steelers players, Jones is also the star of the Travel Channel series Dhani Tackles the Globe, in which he participates in the sports of local communities around the world in an attempt to immerse himself in their culture. His photography centers around his travels.—-

According to the Country Club press release, "His eye for the people and scenes that compose the landscape of a country offer insight into his dual role as an observer and participant in those cultures."

Speaking as a photographer myself, I find Jones to be one of those rare individuals who bridges a wide culture gap in our country. He not only brings travel and culture to the masses of football fans who might watch his show to get a look into the life of a pro athlete. But he also breaks down stereotypes that we artsy folk hold about so-called jocks. He's not only expanding our worldview by showing us other places in the world, but he's giving us a glimpse of the other side of the American experience.

I don't know if he, or anyone else, takes his efforts on the field and the screen this seriously. In fact, part of his appeal is that he isn't too serious. He challenged an Austrailian life guard to a drink/boat-riding/puking contest. But by watching him in interviews and on his show, it's easy to see that Jones wants to be good at whatever he does: football, hosting a show or wrestling strangers in a foreign country.

Jones was also named Best Giant Dude Riding a Fixie by CityBeat in this year's Best of Cincinnati issue: "Dhani Jones isn’t just a solid Bengal linebacker who led the team in tackles last year. He’s also an avid cyclist, a rugby player and an acquaintance of Al Gore, who he met in Nashville as part of The Climate Project. The guy who’s been referred to as the NFL’s Renaissance Man enjoys riding his fixed gear bike between Newport and Clifton, with frequent cruises along Cincinnati’s riverfront."

So keep a lookout for the giant dude in art galleries and on television. He's showing us all how to act if we ever get famous.

Dhani Jones' photography will be on display at Country Club Gallery 7-10 p.m. Oct. 9. For more information visit www.countryclubprojects.com.

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