Elmwood Place: Cincinnati's New Rock Haven

May 28, 2009 at 3:13 pm

Ever heard of Dirty Jack’s? How about the Cup and Saucer Café? If you’re not familiar with these somewhat-off-the-beaten-path, refreshingly un-hip names, next Friday and Saturday (June 5 and 6) provide you with an opportunity to get to know the two Elmwood Place venues, which cater to the Hard Rock, Metal and Punk crowds. —-

Located right across from each other on Vine Street, the bars have teamed up for the Cup of Jack/Dirty Saucer Fest. (Well, that’s what Jack’s MySpace page is calling it. According to the Saucer folks, it’s a Battle of the Bands. Here’s hoping these up-and-coming venues will work on their consistency for future joint events ... Just for the sake of simplicity.) It will feature close to 40 loud, aggressive bands that’ll be rocking both venues over the course of the weekend. Rock Night is Friday, and Metal Night is Saturday, according to the schedule. The event is apparently being co-sponsored by a Cleveland-based promotions company called Gorilla Productions (whose people, astoundingly enough, can’t seem to get the spelling of “Cincinnati” right, and who, in another example of rampant inconsistency, are referring to this as simply a “Music Festival”). They’ve teamed up with other big names like PBR, PETA and Sam Ash to make the show happen.

The party starts at 4 p.m. both days. It’s an all-ages event, and it looks like $10 covers your total intake of ear-splitting heavy music for the whole weekend. What a deal! Something to bear in mind: While Dirty Jack’s (5912 Vine) and the Cup and Saucer (5905 Vine) are conveniently located within stumbling distance of each other, you do have to cross a street. So be sure to look out for those pesky cars in your bleary-eyed, blown-eared, fully drunken stupor.

In any case, consider heading down to Elmwood to check out these two venues on any night of the week. They’re constantly booking shows, and they’re proudly local and committed to improving their community and giving the jilted kids something productive to do.