Energy Balancing

Road to Wellness

First, one must have the conviction that the body does want to heal itself. Second, you must have some general knowledge about energetic vibration and how it affects the body. Then you can begin to understand the emerging field of ACMOS — Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy.

Rene Naccachian, a French engineer and researcher of energetic medicine, created ACMOS. He combined his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with science and molecular biology for this new method of healing.

The concept is that energetic circuits crossing the body give vitality to the organs and deep regions of the body, as well as the bones and skin. While most people understand that stresses in life cause illness, Naccachian's approach evaluates the network of circuits throughout the body — meridians and acupuncture points — and finds which ones aren't functioning. While this "shut down" starts as a protection to the body, if the circuits aren't opened part of the body won't function properly.

The best example is to explain how a fuse might work in a car or home. Once a fuse is blown, part of the circuitry won't operate until it's replaced. This eventually can lead to serious health problems.

With a series of energy-measuring equipment, ACMOS assesses the vibratory fields of the patient, checks the organic and metabolic circuits in the body and exposes the body to a series of vibratory harmonies such as oils, trace elements, minerals and homeopathic remedies to achieve balance in the body and brain. One can see the changing circuitry within the body on the first visit.

ACMOS is available in the Greater Cincinnati area through Steve Botuchis, a certified bio-energetician and L.M.T. You can reach him at 859-344-9997. ©

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