Enquirer Writer Deleted on His Own Blog

An unusual online exchange Tuesday between an occasional CityBeat freelancer and an Enquirer sports blogger led to the blogger’s own comments being deleted for violating the newspaper’s terms of service.

The comment seems to have been deleted by a moderator for being racist against Hispanics.—-

Chick Ludwig, who oversees the Typing Away sports blog on The Enquirer’s Web site, posted a comment mentioning Isaac Thorn. Thorn is a freelance writer and avid sports fan who is a frequent critic of Ludwig’s writing on the blog.

Thorn posts his comments under the screen name, “IssacRulz,” which Ludwig apparently misread as Isaac Ruiz. Ludwig then posted a comment about “IkeRuiz” going to Arizona.

Ludwig posted his comment at 6:14 p.m., and Thorn replied at 6:53 p.m.

Here’s the exchange:

Cludwig wrote: “Let’s all chip in and purchase a one-way bus ticket to Arizona for IkeRuiz. Cheers, Chick. (P.S.: A day without Isaac rippin’ ‘Typing Away’ is like a day without sunshine.)

IsaacRulz wrote: “You’ve really outdone yourself this time. Not only can you not use those thick glasses to see that the second word in the handle is ‘Rulz’ and not ‘Ruiz,’ you also managed to make what I think is a racist comment about it.

I know your sense of humor is terrible, but you are making some sort of deportation-themed joke based on your inability to read, right?

I can’t believe you would post something so racist in defense of yourself. Well done.

Way to go.”

Ludwig’s comment later was removed “for violating the terms of service,” the blog states. Read the full exchange on the screen capture.

According to the bio on his Enquirer blog, Ludwig joined the Cincinnati.Com blog network in October 2009 after retiring from the Dayton Daily News, where he spent 30 years as a sportswriter, including 12 years as a Bengals beat writer.

Also, Ludwig was a voting member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee from 2000-09 and remains the Bengals correspondent for the Sporting News.

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