ER Finale

It’s over, well as I’m writing this its not, but by the time you read this it will be over. The final episode of ER is airing tonight … perhaps I'll write this as if it’s Friday. —- Wow what an episode! (I hope it lives up to my expectations.) I can’t believe what George Clooney did! That was amazing.

I remember sitting in my mom’s basement when I was about 14 years old, biting my nails, watching ER, probably not really understanding the plot of the episode, but was completely enthralled by the feel of the whole show. The fast-paced music and non-stop sirens just scooped me up for the whole hour. I would religiously watch the show every night at 10 p.m. sharp on Thursday nights 'til I graduated high school.

Thursday night’s hour re-cap of the 15 seasons of ER brought some of the best moments like when Eriq LaSalle did the punch to bended knee “Booya!” after getting acceptance from the senior surgical doctor. As they recapped all the memorable episodes I was filled with nostalgic feelings. I remembered being a kid, sitting on my mom’s dark blue, flower-printed sofa not caring about money, girls or what was going to become of myself in the future. The only thing I cared about was making sure Dr. Ross got that kid out of the sewer drain and kept him alive with a ballpoint pen and a video camera battery in a helicopter, bad ass.

I remember watching the episode where Dr. Greene said “shit” during prime time, thrilled that such a dirty word was on regular TV. As my sister and I watched this unforgettable episode, I remember fighting back the tears during Dr. Greene’s funeral as his daughter released a balloon showing how she was letting go of her father. As I tried to be a tough guy and not cry, I glanced over at my sister and saw the tears running down her face as she said, “Why am I crying over a TV show?” Then during tonight’s episode my heart started to flitter as Dr. Greene’s daughter made a return to the ER to follow in her father’s footsteps.

The episode as a whole was decent; I’m usually a sucker for the action-packed, ridiculous medical emergency episodes. I was kind of hoping for the L-Train to jump the tracks and land in the hospital where chaos would ensue, perhaps Sam would die and then be cast as my girlfriend in real life (I fell in love with her during Freaks and Geeks). I did not get the crazy episode I had hoped for until the end, which I think was a good ending beside the whole, “Dr. Greene (Carter referring to Dr. Greene’s daughter) you working?” or something cheesy like that.

All and all I was satisfied with the final episode, even though I haven’t been true to ER since the 12th grade, it still struck a chord with me. I will miss you ER. I’m sure Southland/OC won’t hold a candle to your 15-year run.

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