Mar 11, 2015 at 1:16 pm

Apparently there’s an emerging trend, a sub-genre of movies set to sneak into the cultural consciousness dealing with the miracles of artificial intelligence and the creation of sentient robots. Eva, from Spanish director Kike Maíllo (Tú y yo), races out of the gate, beating the Alex Garland feature Ex Machina to theaters by a matter of a few short weeks. Each places software designers at the center of the frames. In Eva, it is Alex Garel (Daniel Brühl), a shy genius when it comes to such efforts, who is contracted by his former university to develop code for a next generation of robots that will advance the science well-beyond current conceptions of what we might imagine — which will, of course, lead to unforeseen dangers to humanity and interpersonal relationships. So much will be placed on the shoulders of Brühl, but with past efforts like Rush and A Most Wanted Man, audiences should be in good hands. (Now open at Esquire Theatre) Not screened in time for review