Expose the Lying Weasels

Regarding the editorial "It's a Crime" (issue of Oct. 11), the reason that city leaders are intimidated by the Cincinnati Police Department is actually answered in other articles in the same issue.

Regarding the editorial "It's a Crime" (issue of Oct. 11), the reason that city leaders are intimidated by the Cincinnati Police Department is actually answered in other articles in the same issue.

Both the cover story ("M.I.A. Dale Mallory") and the Porkopolis item about Christopher Finney ("The Republican Longing for Anal Affection") make it painfully clear that most of our leaders are dirty, lying, inside deal-making, bush-league slimeballs. We are run by a bunch of small-town thinking weasels.

Police Chief Thomas Streicher can't be challenged by them because they're dishonest politicians who can't open their lying traps — doing so would expose them. I feel more comfortable with Streicher running Cincinnati than any of the dishonest politicians in this town. At least we know what his job is — it's to make the city safe.

The only agenda we can be sure of from the likes of the Mallorys, Heimlichs, City Council and County Commisioners is that most of them are enriching themselves and their cronies at the expense of the taxpayers. They're also responsible for keeping CityBeat out of many distribution locations around town.

Keep up the good work in exposing all the sissy boy, lying weasels we have in this town. Only an honest mayor, council member or commisioner can call out any public official for their behavior or policies.

Until we clean out the dirty-dealing people in office and replace them with honest, trustworthy leaders, we can't expect Streicher — or any public servants for that matter — to be accountable.

— Daniel Cooper, Mount Lookout

Don't Fight Each Other
With respect and sympathy for Larry Gross ("Thoughts from a Confused Smoker," issue of Oct. 11), the controversy over smoking in bars is an example of the kinds of divisive, irreconcilable issues that keep Americans fighting each other rather than the murderous policies of their government. Some big ones, obviously, are abortion, the death penalty and lately "illegal" immigration.

We are virtually at each other's throats when our fury should be directed at the scoundrels who have hijacked our government, are stealing our money and freedom and are inflicting vast suffering and death with their wars and other policies.

"A people united can never be defeated" is sometimes chanted at rallies. It sounds good, but it sure isn't reality. We seem more divided than ever. Meanwhile, the piratical forces that shape and drive government policies go practically unchallenged.

Sources more credible than any government spokesperson have reported that covert U.S. military and intelligence operations have already begun in Iran. In addition, there are regular flyovers by American military aircraft. These amount to acts of war. It would seem that a war on Iran has begun, though the shooting has yet to start.

Losing the freedom to poison the air in public buildings might, indeed, be a bitch. What must it be like to know your whole world could be days away from going up in smoke?

— Jim Byrnes, Hyde Park

Silly Business
Maybe Larry Gross is confused ("Thoughts from a Confused Smoker," issue of Oct. 11), but I'll be voting for Issue 4 on Nov. 7. I'm with Gross when it comes to nonsmokers imposing their will on the rest of us; we need one safe haven for that and it needs to be bars. Drinking and smoking go hand in hand.

I'll tell you one thing: If this issue 5 passes, I'll be on over across the river. It will be another nail in the coffin for business in Cincinnati. Doesn't this city have enough problems without going after the smokers? Seems like silly business to me.

— Taylor Rivers, Price Hill

Smoker Tired of All the Lectures
In his column Larry Gross says that if both issues 4 and 5 win, then Issue 4 trumps Issue 5 ("Thoughts from a Confused Smoker," issue of Oct. 11). You can bet I'll be voting for Issue 4 and crossing my fingers.

Like Gross, I can't necessarily say I'm proud to smoke and I can't say I'm proud to go into bars, but I do. When I do, I want to enjoy myself. Maybe Gross was kidding when he asked the "do-gooders" why they can't leave us one last place to be ourselves. Well, I'm not.

I'm tired of the finger-pointing and the lectures. Gross might be confused, and maybe I am, too. But I can't think of anything worse than a confused smoker not being able to smoke.

— Paula Anderson, Clifton Heights

Just the Facts, Thanks
Restaurant reviews generally are so "with it" that I usually go without them. But Anne Mitchell's review of mesh ("Celebration of Life," issue of Oct. 4) persuaded me to visit someday.

She writes simply, descriptively and warmly. No pretense. Just facts and plain-spoken opinion.

She also shares my general prejudice not to love things in the suburbs. But, like her, and based on her opinion, I will follow her lead and adventure among Philistines. Please, more Mitchell restaurant reviews in CityBeat.

— William Hanks, Covington

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