Feist - Metals

Cherry Tree/Interscope

Nov 16, 2011 at 10:01 am

Former Broken Social Scene vocalist Leslie Feist was one of the highest profile beneficiaries of the TV-is-the-new-radio paradigm when her insanely catchy single “1234,” from her third album The Reminder, struck gold for Apple’s iPod. With the release of Metals, Feist finally breaks her long studio silence, and it shows that she followed the first commandment of following up a stratospheric album and single: “Thou shalt not try to duplicate the sound to capitalize on your last big success.” On Metals, Feist plays up her funkier aspects with the New Orleans Pop of “How Come You Never Go There,” shows off her propulsive World chops with “A Commotion,” soothes with the blustery Jazz/noise balladry of “Anti-Pioneer” and the gypsy hymn stomp of “The Undiscovered First,” and captivates with the arty Pop lilt of “The Circle Married the Line.” The use of strings on Metals gives the album a Chamber Pop feel and the setting reinforces Feist’s numerous comparisons to Kate Bush, as does her occasional melodic yelp. Metals might not ultimately be the cash cow that The Reminder and “1234” proved to be, but it clearly shows that Feist is more interested in musical artistry and creative growth than sales charts and mantle bling. Grade: B