Feist Talks About CAC's 'Spectacle'

Canadian singer/songwriter calls music video exhibit "incredible"

May 2, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Singer/songwriter Leslie Feist (best known for her hit "1, 2, 3") was in town April 9 to discuss her work in the music video world at the Contemporary Arts Center downtown. Her appearance with director Martin de Thurah (who directed her clip for "The Bad in Each Other") was a part of the programming related to the current exhibit, Spectacle: The Music Video, which, according to the clip below, Feist quite enjoyed (and enjoyed being a part of).

Feist on 'Spectacle: The Music Video' from CincyCAC on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen Spectacle yet, you still have plenty of time. The exhibit is up through Sept. 3. Click below for a couple more clips about the show. —-

De Thurah also enjoyed his time at the CAC.

Support CAC - Martin de Thurah from CincyCAC on Vimeo.

And Dan Deacon spoke about the exhibit and the art of music and video when he was brought in to perform at the opening night party. 

Dan Deacon talks about music + video from CincyCAC on Vimeo.