Footprints in the Snow

Jake Speed -

Jake?s Notes: This song is a tribute to James Kim, the father who gave his life trekking through the snowy, Oregon wilderness trying to save his wife and two girls who were stranded. I broke down in tears as I wrote this song and imagined how his wife, Kati, must remember that final moment before her husband left to get help. Sometimes, it?s the littlest things that we remember and miss most.

Footprints in the Snow
by: Jake Speed 12/18/06Click Here To Listen Footprints in the Snow

Was it the snowflake that settled in your eyelash?

Was it the chill that sat upon your smile?

Was it the gentle hand you laid upon my cheek?

Was it the way you kissed our foreheads and said goodbye?

Footprints in the snow, I watched you go, you said you?d be right back

Footprints in the snow, I let you go, how could I know

The impressions that you made, they still remain, the final steps you took, we know

Footprints in the snow

Is it the thought of your early-morning eyes?

Is it the smile I saved from everyone but you?

Is it your hand I held when we dashed across the street?

Is it the pecks you placed so perfectly upon my nose?

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