Get Santa

Dec 10, 2014 at 1:50 pm

I suppose the holiday season wouldn’t be official without a “wild and crazy” madcap adventure that finds Santa (Jim Broadbent) in a heap of trouble and in need of rescuing, right? Thankfully, writer-director Christopher Smith has stepped up to the task in this case, which features a father and son combo that discovers the jolly old guy sleeping in their garage after crashing his sleigh. Somehow, no one saw the crash and, even more inexplicably, Santa winds up a fugitive from the cops — so take a guess who saves the day. Despite my ho-hum attitude about this endeavor, I have to admit to enjoying Smith’s 2006 comedic thriller Severance, about a team-building retreat gone wrong when a sales team must rally to survive against a bunch of homicidal killers. But Get Santa feels like a lump of coal in the stocking of a kid who really tried hard to be good all year and wonders what Santa has against him. (Opens Friday at Kenwood Theatre) (PG) Not screened in time for review