Goodbye, Summertime Fun

With all the last-minute deal-making and back and forth among Cincinnati officials, some residents remain confused about details of the city's operating budget for this year. At least, that's the impression CityBeat gets based on its feedback.

Among the most asked-about items is exactly which city-owned swimming pools are affected by budget cuts to help reduce Cincinnati's $54.7 million deficit. In all, 19 of its 33 pools won't open next summer.—-

Here's a list of the pools that will be closed:

** Bond Hill, 1620 Yarmouth Ave.

** Bush, 2640 Kemper Lane, Walnut Hills

** Camp Washington, 1201 Stock Ave.

** Dempsey, 956 Purcell Ave., East Price Hill

** Dickman, 6720 Home City Ave., Sayler Park

** Evanston, 3558 Evanston Ave.

** Fairview, 2219 Ravine St., Fairview/University Heights/Clifton Heights

** Hartwell, 8275 Vine St.

** Lincoln, 1027 Linn St., West End

** Madisonville, 5312 Stewart Ave.

** McKie, 1655 Chase Ave., Northside

** Millvale, 3303 Beekman St.

** Mount Adams, 966 Mount Adams Circle

** Mount Washington, 1715 Beacon St.

** Oakley, 3900 Paxton Ave

** Pleasant Ridge, 5915 Ridge Ave.

** Ryan, 3324 Meyer Place, Westwood

** Winton Hills, 5170 Winneste Ave.

** Ziegler, 1311 Sycamore St., Over-the-Rhine

Also, recreation centers in Camp Washington and Carthage will close. Today is the last day the Camp Washington facility will be open, and the Carthage facility will close Jan. 14.

"We were just told Monday, so we're busy packing up boxes," said a woman who answered the telephone in Carthage.

The pool closures means Cincinnati will have 14 city-owned swimming pools left open. That compares to 18 pools operated by the city of Columbus, and 42 pools operated by the city of Cleveland.

Because Cincinnati's closed pools are located at recreation centers, they cannot easily be offered to a private sector firm for management, a city spokeswoman said. It's unclear yet what the Recreation Commission plans on doing with the two closed recreation center properties.

****UPDATE: As a commenter notes below, although the 14 facilities remaining open are listed as swimming pools on the city's Web site, some of them are — in fact — merely water-based attractions. Eight outdoor swimming pools will be open this summer. Thus, the city will have even fewer open-air pools available for use this summer. 

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