GOP Seeks Protection from Tea Party

The Republican Party likes to say it embraces the Tea Party movement, except when it’s preparing to possibly have followers arrested.

With Teabaggers angry over state GOP leaders convincing Dave Yost to run for the party’s nomination for Ohio Auditor against the more conservative Seth Morgan, Republicans in Yost’s home county are preparing for trouble when the central committee meets next week.—-

Delaware County Republican Party Chair Teri Morgan e-mailed Delaware County Sheriff Walter “Magnum” Davis to ask that deputies attend the committee meeting on Thursday. Morgan wrote that he received a call from a Tea Party member who is upset no one from the movement will be allowed to speak at the meeting. Morgan added, “They are very unreasonable and threatening people!”

State GOP leaders convinced Yost, Delaware County’s prosecutor, to end his candidacy for Ohio Attorney General on Jan. 25 and instead jump into the Auditor’s race. The other Republican seeking the party’s nomination for auditor is Morgan, a state representative from Huber Heights, near Dayton. Morgan has the Tea Party’s backing.

The Cincinnati Tea Party had urged Yost to remain in the AG race. Area Tea Party leader Mike Wilson believes the Ohio Republican Party chairman wanted Yost in the GOP primary for state auditor so conservatives cannot vote for Yost for AG, clearing the path for former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine.

DeWine also is running for attorney general, and is the second cousin of Ohio Republican Party Chair Kevin DeWine. The former senator is considered too moderate for the Tea Party’s tastes.

Incumbent Auditor Mary Taylor, a Republican, isn’t seeking reelection. She decided to run as John Kasich's running mate in the gubernatorial race.

The Democratic nominee is Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper, a Cincinnati native who lives in Anderson Township.

Teabaggers from Delaware County consider Yost a “sellout,” according to political insiders close to the situation.

Here is Morgan’s e-mail, in its entirety:

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Cc: (various)

Sent: Tue, Feb 16, 2010 11:24 am

Subject: Feb. 25 Protesters

Magnum—I am concerned about Central Committee members' safety on Feb. 25 and wondering if there is a cost to have deputies at the north campus of the Delaware Area Career Center that evening? I just received a call from 740/881-**** from a man who didn't give his name but says he heads up the local Tea Party group. He says his group will be protesting at our meeting on Feb. 25 because they do not want us to endorse.

He was very upset that his group could not speak at our meeting and I expect them to try. He was threatening in tone and stated several repercussions if we do endorse, such as running their own candidate. Having just experienced this with State ORP and the group outside our endorsement meeting for Yost, they are very unreasonable and threatening people! I am concerned about getting order during the meeting too.

I know you can't be there that evening, but I think we need at least one outside the room and inside the room? Your thoughts? Thanks!

Teri Morgan

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